Introducing Four J Coffee

a carefully curated line of specialty coffees

From Perfect Seeds comes Perfect Coffee

Hand Sorted Until Only Perfect Beans Remain

Art of the Roast

We rely on the craft of our Roast Master, and the nuance of the machine.

Four J Coffee

Chef Joey Campanaro & Q Grader Jennifer Stone cupping

Four J Foods was created by four friends and four chefs who drew on their combined 100 years of experience in the culinary world. They have each influenced and inspired how people view and experience food with one common theme—always using the highest quality ingredients. This has led them to develop the best flavors, ingredients and products available.

Introducing Four J Coffee

The founders wanted to bring the same excellence to their coffee as they bring to their food. They traveled to growing regions around the globe, a trip that culminated in countless tasting sessions with expert roasters. The result is this carefully curated line of specialty coffees, delivered with the same excellence of other Four J Foods products.

The Journey is a Sensory Experience
I wanted to create coffee with a subtle bittersweet punch.

-Joey Campanaro

Our Current Coffees

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Four J Chefs’ Choice

This coffee blends an irreverent roast with sweet balance and uses the highest quality specialty coffee, which is a crucial element for our demanding roast style.

$15.99 (12 oz.)

Four J Chefs’ Roast

A slightly more mild blend than Chefs’ Choice, it’s the perfect coffee for lighter fare.

$14.99 (12 oz.)

Four J Espresso

Our distinct roast profile selection for this coffee is the unique factor that causes the rare, sweet balance.

$17.99 (12 oz.)

Four J Kenya Single Estate

Dry, white wine, soft apricot, lush fruit acids and thick dark chocolate all evolve in this sublime cup.

$23.99 (12 oz.)

Four J Decaf Espresso

It is mild and honey-like as a single shot or cappuccino, with a luscious body and light fruit notes.

$17.99 (12 oz.)

Four J Decaf

We replicated the bold flavors of our Chefs’ Choice regular coffee in a decaffeinated version.

$18.99 (12 oz.)

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